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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Consider the conditions around you. Clear water or cloudy water? Calm Surface or broken surface? Is the sun high or low? Is the sky clear or overcast? How deep does the Rapala you're using run? Now that you have the immediate conditions, here are the guidelines to immediate selections:

CLEAR On clear days or in clear water, the silver (S) Rapala is recommended.
CLEAR, DEEP When fishing deep in clear conditions, the silver/blue (SB) Rapala is recommended. Blue maintains its color deeper.
DARK On dark days or in dark water, the gold (G) Rapala is the best.
TURBID In muddy or low visibility water, use a gold/fluorescent red (GFR) Rapala. Also very effective when fishing in the spawning cycle or territorial.
DARK,DEEP In extremely poor lighting or very deep water, the silver/fluorescent chartreuse (SFC) and Firetiger(F) works best.


These are the colors that were created to simulate specific forage species.

RAINBOW TROUT (RT) Especially effective wherever there are salmon, trout or chubs present.
PERCH (P) An excellent silhouette lure wherever poor light and clarity conditions exist. Surprisingly good on dark days.
FIRETIGER (FT) Bright finish is the perfect attractant when fishing dark water.
CRAWDAD (CW) For use wherever crayfish are present or as a silhouette diving lure on dark days.
SHAD (SD) The most universal forage color for use in clear conditions.
MACKEREL (GM) Green for dark conditions, blue for clear.
REDHEAD (RH) The wildcard lure color. Creates aggression. Teases strikes.
Be sure to check the locals for colors that work in their area. You may find rainbow trout colors catching fish where there are no rainbow trout or dark water Rapalas catching fish at high noon on a clear day.

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